Friday, November 27, 2009

graham chapman's memorial service

If you've been within spitting distance of me in the past few days, (sorry about that, btw) you've been lucky enough to hear me ranting about a monty python retrospective i've been watching on on demand. Terry Jones' son directed it, and it's a really cool glimpse into the lives of these amazing guys whom (who? i never can tell) i have admired since i was like 13 and stumbled across 'Holy Grail' on some late night tv station.

Anyway, i believe it's an IFC channel production. Look for it if you have any interest in them. Lots (but not enough) backstage chat, old footage, and contemporary interviews.

At any rate, i happened to see this was posted on videosift, and thought i'd share it with you. it is the most fearless, honest, sweet, and horrible eulogy ever in history, delivered by john cleese. thank god someone had the poor taste and good sense to shake up the grim ceremony.

when i die, if you happen to attend a service for me (and frankly, i hope there isn't one--just a party and some umbrellas a la a new orleans jazz funeral) please please have the poor taste to say something equally awful. :)

and, now for something completely different. This still makes me laugh.

and a sketch that is underappreciated, the four yorkshiremen. reminds me of every family reunion i've ever been to. :)

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