Thursday, November 29, 2012


I don't know why I really liked this. I like the chaos mixed with beauty, but also I think I was struck by the use of negative space to depict the butterflies, which are in fact dying out.


replacing people's profile pics

...with your own.

This is so stupid, but so funny at the same time. This guy "reproduced" people's FB profile pics before friending them. Made me laugh imagining the perplexed faces on the recipients of his friend requests.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Warhol at CSU

I'm doing some research on Andy Warhol for an upcoming project and one of the most fascinating stories about him--at least from the perspective of a Colorado resident and former resident of Fort Collins--is the story of the giant soup can.

 In 1981 Warhol came to visit Fort Collins for an exhibition of his work at CSU. After having sent his specifications on the construction of a trio of giant soup cans, Warhol himself came out to visit and signed the pieces (which had been assembled and painted by a CSU student.)

Andy Warhol at CSU campus in 1981.

There were apparently three giant cans originally, one of which was sold, and one of which still stands at the University Center for the Arts (formerly Fort Collins High School) on Remington Street.

Andy and friend.

Horror Daycare

Very clever and funny video from College Humor. 

Do you want a juice box, Danny? ... Okay, does Tony want a juice box then?

We Certainly Are

Priorities, people. Priorities.