Friday, May 30, 2008

old friends and big mouths

So when did politicians become responsible for every word ever uttered by anyone who supports them? It’s getting really old, the one-step-removed ‘gotcha’ game of digging up some old preacher or acquaintance of a candidate and finding some ancient, idiotic quote.

First of all, no one can control anyone else. Not what they say, not what they think. That said, I mean, sure, if you hung out regularly with a guy who was a Klan member, I’d have some questions about your own values, not to mention your judgment. If your spiritual advisor was Moonbat Zatfig, of the church of the Blessed Flaming Newt, then yes, I would want to know a little more.

But this notion that any candidate can be flayed on anything that has ever been said by any of his supporters is ridiculous. And to have to go on tv and explain how they disavow, repudiate, and deny three times this former friend is doubly absurd.

If I had to explain all the words any of my idiot friends ever said, much less take responsibility for those words, I would never have time to do anything else. More to the point, if MY friends ever had to explain some of the things I’ve said over the years...well I wouldn’t have many friends left. This game is another example of how the mainstream media is joyfully rendering itself obsolete by continuing with the same tired hackery and games that keep the 24-hour news cycle humming along and make us all a little bit dumber for it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

drunk, sure...

...but are you drunker than amy winehouse?
this is awesome, and features some lovely pics of british dental work. :)
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Sunday, May 11, 2008


if any of you have never heard of this film, check this out.

the entire film 'koyaanisqatsi' has been posted to google video, and this is a good way to get an idea of what it is. but to truly appreciate what director godfrey reggio did here, rent the dvd and watch it on a big tv connected to a good stereo system. phillip glass did the soundtrack and the music is almost as powerful as the images.

the word "koyaanisqatsi" is a hopi term that roughly translates to 'life out of balance,' or 'crazy life.' what reggio has done is to take imagery of nature and juxtaposed it with imagery of human impact on the planet and made an incredibly powerful and moving film without dialogue, plot or even actors.

read more about it here.
and see a 'making-of' video with director reggio here.
and the imdb entry on it here.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

howdy, and i suck

well. a month off from blogging? what's wrong with me?
thanks to my friend mara for hinting that she missed my blog (by saying, 'i like to read your blog.' very subtle. :)
i've had a lot going on so i don't really know where to start. might as well just jump in:
1. i no longer work for the fort collins now newspaper. we tried and tried to arrange something where they could feel like they were getting their money's worth, and i could work for them without feeling like i was dancing for nickels, but we just couldn't make it happen. they are good people and i feel a little bad about the way i went out, but after you approach someone who has said over and over, 'there will be more money. there will be more money. we're working on it.' and nothing changes, well, you begin to feel like you're getting your chain yanked. so i pulled the plug.
i am now enjoying a fine career of selling off my possessions on ebay and, of course, acting. :) the two go hand in hand quite nicely.
kidding. its not quite as dire as that.
the good news (and actually the news about the paper is kind of good too, actually; i feel freer and more relaxed than i have in a long time without having deadlines and interviews and crap every week) is that i have been cast in my first DENVER show! and it's
2. stanley kowalski, the marlon brando role in 'streetcar named desire.' right now i am equal parts terrified, humbled, and excited. i got to meet the rest of my cast (principals anyway; there are apparently 17 people in this show. yikes!) last night at a publicity photo shoot for the show.
we got to go out for beers afterwards and it was really fun, plus i got to sweat and rip my shirt off for the camera as well as hug on two women i don't know at all. a little awkward, but we made it work. the show is going to be put on at vintage theater in denver, and the director is craig bond, one of the founders of vintage. he is a great guy, and seems to have already put a lot of thought into the show, way before we've even started rehearsing.
look for it in august!
3. the other thing i have going on is i am writing a new play i am really excited about. it is a claustrophobic story about a couple and a new friend that gets brought into their happy(ish) home and stirs things up that had previously gone unspoken. i'm having a great time writing it and i hope to have it done -- at least a draft -- in the next few weeks.
4. anyway. going to get going on writing here, but i will be back in the days and weeks to come.
thanks for sticking with me!