Sunday, October 10, 2010

angels in america finally opens

Me as Roy Cohn. I believe my exact line here is 'You HAG!'

Well, it’s been an epic few weeks getting both parts of Angels in America up and running. I think I’ve been in Denver each night for the past three weeks or so, and I’m exhausted, but it has all been worth it. Yesterday was our first audience that got to see the whole beast in one day, watching Part I, ‘Millennium Approaches’ for a matinee and then Part II, ‘Perestroika’ last night.

I can only speak for myself, but I think the cast overall was pretty nervous about last night’s show, as we teched Part II all week until Thursday night, then went back to Part I for Friday night’s show. Also, I think we were all unsure about how the challenge of keeping two entire shows memorized, and how accessing each of them on the same day would play out.

Overall, though, I think we did well, aside from a couple of relatively minor tech flubs. The acting was pretty sharp, and there is something very cathartic about running the entire story arc from start to finish in one day. For my character, the end of Millennium is very much a cliffhanger, without a real solid ending--or at least, you’re wondering what happens to him next. (hint: it ain’t good.)

Hope you can make it down! Four weekends left, and if you plan to see both parts in one day, order tix soon as the Saturday double shows are going fast.

Roy and the epically frightening Ethel Rosenberg (Michelle Grimes.)

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