Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Gimme Bar

A screen-grab of The Gimme Bar library.

This program is absolutely the shit. The Gimme Bar allows you to grab virtually anything on the web--pics, vids, text, even whole web pages--and drag them to a bar that appears at the bottom of your browser screen. Then once you've added them to your library, you have that entire document stored for easy access--not just the link, but the entire document or video or image.

It's still in beta, but I think you can still get invited just by going to the site and signing up. Here's a link to a vid I grabbed, a live acoustic set by Modest Mouse outside a record store in 2001. And here's a collection, titled 'mars sin death' (slightly NSFW-iah, I guess.)

To see the rest of my 'gimmees' just click my user name, wasabi23, and it'll take you to my library ('public firehose' is the default public library).

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