Saturday, December 17, 2011

I don't know ...

...where in hell all these daily followers come from, spambots or government snoops or just plain weirdoes (my PEOPLE!) But I am gratified to see so many even when I'm not posting all that regularly--and mortified at the same time, because I'm not posting all that regularly.

However, I have plans to change that--and like the proverbial hangover victim who swears off liquor every morning--this time I mean it!

Jimmy Page's (L) patented hangover cure.

So in that spirit, I present here:

Kurt's Cheeezball Christmas Card in Digital Format
aka: A Christmas Card From a Hooker in Denver

Here's my Christmas card face. Deal with it.

Merry Fuckin' Christmas, Bitches.

So, feel free to stop reading here, if you like.


Sticking with it, huh? Well, okay then. Here goes:

I'm obviously back from Pagosa, and our production of 'The Lion in Winter'--a rousing success, I'm told, though I'm still waiting to get PAID. Fucking TIM. And LAURA.

Never trust mountain folk. Not with your money, and certainly not with your daughter. :D

Winter is Coming...fucking TIM. Be PREPARED! 
(Of course, I won't be driving over that godforsaken pass till spring, so you're probably safe...for now.)

No, it was a great experience; I learned from it as an actor, watching director Pat Payne (...fucking PAT...) wring such amazing magic from us and the script in such a short time. And especially I learned as an actor in terms of how focus is possible, how you don't need all the time you get (read: time you waste) in preparing for most shows. We put it up in a week, and it was good, it was solid--it was even great in places, if I may so bold. We could have gotten more nuance out of it--and did, later in the run--but isn't that always the way with any show? Even those shows on which you squander seven weeks of your life rehearsing? Everything after opening weekend is an improvement.

Whiskey is Coming...

But not only that, I made a bunch of new friends (and only a few enemies....fucking TIM... :) One such friend is Anna, who played my Alais in the show. She came down and auditioned with me at the Aurora Fox last week, and we had a good time hanging with Pat and Abby Apple--the latter with whom I am scheduled to do a production of 'August Osage County' next summer!!!)

Anna as Alais, me as Da Motherfuckin' King, Yo.

As far as the Aurora Fox goes, I'm going to callbacks for that show--which is 'Amateur Night at the Big Heart,' an original script by my friend and former director Terry Dodd--on Monday, so fingers crossed.

Another friend(ish...I'm still kind of on the fence about this guy...fucking DAVID...) is David Trudeau, who played my rival, King Phillip of France--aka The Periwinkle Prince, so named because of his fruity little boots and baby blue tights. :)

He also designed the freakin' awesome lights for 'Lion' and also works with Visionbox, a theater studio/ensemble here in town. Which leads me to: I saw an ad on the CTG website saying Visionbox needed males for a production of 'Othello' they're putting on in a few weeks, and I went down and did a couple of monologues for director/founder Jennifer McCray Rincon. Lo and behold, looks like I'm in Othello, thanks in no small part to my connection with David. (...Fucking DAVID...)

The really cool part of it is that Jennifer wants to present this more as 'The Othello Project,' turning it inside out from the usual 'poor Othello/tragic love story' thing and instead presenting it as a study on domestic violence. (Othello, after all, kills Desdemona in a fit of jealous rage, however mistaken its origin. Some love story...)

So, taking pieces from the play and interspersing them with film pieces and performed interview transcripts from actual domestic violence cases could prove to be a groundbreaking, very interesting production. (Jennifer spent years in New York, and was at DCTA for something like 800 years, so I trust her as a director already.)

Pinter is Coming.

Let's see...what else? Got my first Paragon Theatre audition, for a McDonagh show, and although that role didn't work out, two of the company's other directors sat in on that audition and one of them wants me to read for him for another Irish play, 'The Seafarer,' written by me wee auld pal Conor MacPherson. He also wrote 'Shining City,' a show I did in the Fort last year and which I really loved.

If I grew up on a farm, and was retarded, Bruges might impress me. But I didn't, so it doesn't.

Let's see...running out of steam here. Christmas is coming, and yes I still hate it. Mostly I hate the shopping and the Elevated Asshole Levels one encounters in the world (I think we've hit Threat Level Plaid). But still. I'll be in State College with family for a week or so--which is the fun part of the holidays, getting to see my nephew John Alex and brand-new niece Chelsea--then back to work on Othello.

Thanks again everyone who reads this even when there's nothing new to read (you know who you are, officers...)

Happy Holidays Everyone, from Grinchville.


ADDENDUM: for the easily offended and/or the tremendously thick (although I believe there is a great deal of overlap in those two demographics): All the cursing and nastiness toward individuals I mention here is purely in jest. Love them all. Except for...well, never mind. Not important.

P.S. Chris Hitchens, RIP.

Right or Wrong, You Stomped on the Terra. Your mind and writing skills will be missed.

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