Monday, June 18, 2012

only a flesh wound

 I must have this! Birthday, Christmas--random Kurt-Day--you buy me!!! 
Now this one came via the loverly and talented Anna Hershey, of 'Lion in Winter' fame. 

If only the Black Knight could shave the side of his helmet, he could be the OG Skrillex...

So, if you read this ever--and lately why would you--you don't need me to tell you I've been deeply remiss in posting lately. The fact of the matter is I haven't had internet service at my new house, not ever. I can get on with my phone, but I've been destroying my data plan, so I'm trying to lay low and just get on at coffee shops, at rehearsal, etc. 

And since my computer time is limited, I've had to prioritize in ways I'd prefer not to, leaning toward work on my new play--and getting a damn job--and things that are not nearly as much fun as posting here. At any rate, if you're still out there, thanks so much for sticking around, and I'm hoping to 'get more regular' soon.

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