Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Noises Off Is On

Well. Tonight is the big night, opening for Noises Off, and we're all of us feeling pretty much, you know, I mean aren't you? It has been a weird and arduous 17 days of rehearsal time getting this beast together (not counting 3 days pre-Christmas of blocking rehearsals) and I think we can plausibly argue that it has never been done so well in such a short time-span.

But that's neither here nor there. Last night's small but appreciative dress audience was awesome and they really seemed to dig it. I think we finally kind of know what we're doing. (knockonwoodknockonwoodknockonwoodknockonwoodknockonwood)

Anyway, I came across this word of the day today, and it seems especially apropos, for not only the tenuous nature of the show-within-the-show, not only because it contains a homophone for Phillip, one of the characters in the show, but also for how exhausted I've been lately.

One more word: sardines!


(fi-li-PEN-juh-luhs, -PEN-dyoo-)

adjective: Hanging by a thread.

From Latin filum (thread) + pendere (to hang). Ultimately from the Indo-European root (s)pen- (to draw, to spin), which is also the source of pendulum, spider, pound, pansy, pendant, ponder, appendix, penthouse, depend, and spontaneous. Earliest documented use: 1864.

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