Monday, June 30, 2008

TLOs in colorado

This is just too insanely outrageous to let slide by without comment. As reported in Sunday’s Denver Post, the Department of Homeland Security has recently trained and released upon our beautiful, freedom-loving state 181 new ‘terrorism liaison officers’ to keep a watchful eye out for any Coloradoans engaging in 'suspicious activity.'

These TLOs could be anyone from firefighters, to police officers to cable installers to Xcel energy employees.

Brace yourself: suspicious activity includes taking pictures or videos that appear to have no ‘aesthetic value,’ taking notes, and appearing to engage in counter-surveillance activities (doubling back, changing one’s appearance). Oh, and overheard threats.

So apparently, some people should still be careful about what they say, as Ari Fleischer once opined.

And, what, if the cable guy overhears me talking on the phone with a friend saying ‘Oh I’m gonna kill him,’ or sees me writing in my notebook outside I’m going to find my phone tapped and strange black cars following me? And the cable installer is going to decide what photograph subjects have aesthetic value? Nothing against cable installers. I'm sure most of them are lovely people. I'm just thinking there might be people more qualified to make that call. Or maybe, just maybe, frickin' beauty is the eye of the frickin' beholder, fer Chrissakes.

I’m sure these guys with their rigorous three-day training schedule won't make any mistakes like that, right? Right?


My money says the Bushies find/create a pretext to declare martial law before November. After all, as soon as they leave office they will be vulnerable to a plethora of criminal charges, including war crimes.

If you never leave power, you can continually make up rules that retroactively legalize whatever nefarious shit you might have done, after all.

Meanwhile, here's some Monty Python goodness pertinent to the subject at hand.


Steve said...

Like at the RNC here in NYC in '04, it's time to start rounding up all the vegans, liberals, and other terrorists.

wasabius said...

damn those vegans!!! they're just so...violent! :)
no, it is going to be interesting how far the police are willing to go in terms of 'maintaining order' when the dnc begins. 'break out the firehoses, boys. here come the damn hippies exercising their free goddamn speech again.'
thanks for reading and commenting, steve.

jane doe said...

This is very disturbing. I've been seeing a whole lot of hints lately that suggest we may be moving toward a full-on police state. I don't want to sound like a member of the Tinfoil Hat Brigade, but some of this stuff is making me very nervous. Stories like this only increase my unease.

Anonymous said...

This is getting ready for the DNC in Denver. The GOP AND the Democraps want to make sure that there are no pesky protesters (ie, unhappy CITIZENS) around to muss up their happy little fascist convention.

It will be just as bad (or worse) for the Rethuglican convention.

Besides these clowns, there will be "Free Speech Zones" set up and made of chicken wire or chain link. Oh, and don't forget the black helicopters. Literally - the military maneuvers that had "nothing to do with the DNC" that took place, oddly enough, around and focused on the friggin' convention site!

Of course, they may not be military helos. They could also be Blackwater thugs all 'round.

IGNORE Free Speech Zones! Hit the streets! Give us the WTO/Seattle protest redux in Denver. NO MORE POLICE STATE!