Thursday, January 29, 2009

facepalm beach

Ah, Florida. It's like Texas for the East Coast: a repository for all that is dumb, trashy, shameful and wrong with America.

But, like Texas, Florida is also a faithful font of stories about Teh Stupid, and How Not To Behave. Here (via fark) is a loverly tale of a bag of oregano, $450, a 911 call, and two young men desirous of the alleged intoxicating effects of marijuana.

After setting up a deal to buy weed, these two geniuses

what is it about the horrible ethan hawke moustache/chin fuzz combo that invariably points to Teh Stupid?

discovered that the fatty bag they had just purchased was not full of sweet sweet mary jane, but rather some household spices and perhaps yard clippings. So after failing to convince the cousin who had set up the deal to get them their money back, they called 911. To report that their drug deal had gone bad. Sweet.

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