Monday, February 22, 2010

still stalling, but...

...jaysus h christ. if the who when they were firing on all cylinders wasn't THE greatest rock band of all time, then there is no such thing. i know, i know, it's cock-rock, it's overindulgent stadium rock that epitomizes the excesses of the 70s, and yes, that douchey show with douchey david caruso bought the daltrey scream, but you know what? fuck you, and watch this.
i defy you not to say EVEN SO, even with all the baggage, even as ironic as we allow ourselves to be over bands of this era, EVEN SO, there is not a rock band that can touch these fuckers when they were at their prime.
jaysus. imma start a muthafuckin religion based around the who if i'm not careful.
praise them. :)

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