Monday, December 13, 2010

the cry-baby party

Here's a great post from Open Left detailing the cognitive dissonance not to mention sheer mad-hatter illogical nature of the arguments for supporting the tax-break giveaway for the rich that Obama has successfully 'negotiated' (read: bent over for) with the Republicans.

Whenever you hear anyone talking about the Dems as the irresponsible tax-and-spend party, remind them of this.

Another handy-dandy chart to keep in mind is this one, detailing how the U.S. debt has changed under various presidents. Whole lotta red growth there, whole lotte blue reduction. Of course, this doesn't take into account that democratic presidents were largely forced to reduce the debt, i.e. clean up the messes left behind by their irresponsible republican predecessors. However it does explode the myth that republicans are the daddy party of fiscal responsibility.

Speaking of which, notice how quiet the deficit hysteria of a month ago has gotten? At least until the tax giveaway for the rich is passed, complete with its $900 billion price tag that will be tacked onto the deficit. Then we can get back to talking about austerity--the kind placed on the backs of the lower and middle class. And watch for Social Security reform (read: privatization) to become a more widely discussed topic again soon too.

Thanks Obama! More change than we can afford to believe in.

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