Tuesday, December 21, 2010

festivus is upon us

Festivus is coming, y'all, and it's gonna be good.

I went to the final dress for Vintage Theatre's 'A Very Dark Holiday Playwright Festivus' last night, and it is really coming along. They are presenting six short pieces, two of which are monologues (both awesome, btw) and the rest short one-acts, all dark, all themed on the holidays. Going from the last time I saw the works read, which was the audition, last night's rehearsal was amazing. All the actors and the plays have come leaps and bounds, and the directors and casts have put in a ton of work, and it shows.

My play of course was the main reason I was there, and the cast has really done some amazing things with my words and ideas. It's really interesting to see how the words I wrote--and heard in my head in a certain way, just automatically assuming a certain phrasing--get twisted and bent and elevated and turned sideways by another person's take on them. I love how these guys make me think of my own words in a different way than I ever imagined. (This playwright business layers a whole new level onto my theatre experience...hmmm...)

Anyway, congrats to Nita Froelich who is directing my play, 'The Family Business,' and to the whole cast for working very hard to make my weird-ass little creeper of a show work better than I could have imagined. I can't wait to see it played before an audience, to see how people react.

Speaking of which, I will be playing guitar during the pre-show this coming Thursday night, then again next Thursday the 30th, so if you haven't gotten tickets yet, come down and see me. I'd love to hear opinions on my piece, and sing ya a purty song. My understanding is that opening has already sold out, and we should have a short brief coming out in Westword this Thursday, so tickets might go pretty quickly, so order soon.

Hope to see you there!

Info follows--contact Vintage here.

“A Very Dark Holiday Playwright Festivus”

Vintage Theatre invites you to join their holiday playwright festival of original one-act plays from Colorado playwrights.

SILENT NIGHT -by Jeffrey Neuman

directed by Linda Orr


‘TIS THE SEASON -by Linda Berry

directed by Luke A. Terry


directed by Stephen Paulding

RINGING IT IN -by Laura Coe

directed by Stephanie Prugh

BORED TO DEATH – by Mark Sbani

directed by Frank A. Oteri

FAMILY BUSINESS – by Kurt Brighton

directed by Nita Froelich
Tuesday, December 21 – Friday, December 31, 2010
evening performances @ 7:30 – matinee performances @ 2:30
Tickets only $15

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