Friday, February 24, 2012


I have the worst problem with getting frustrated with myself mid- to late in the rehearsal process, where I am CERTAIN, positively sure (at home working on lines, alone or with no audience but my dog) that I KNOW this section down cold. But then when I get in front of my castmates and director, and actually start feeling emotions and other oogy things like that, all the words disappear.

When I did 'Equus' last year, everyone in the cast would make fun of me because I would get going, then be like, 'With one particular horse...FUCK! LINE!' or 'The animal digs its sweaty brow into his cheek and...and...FUCKING FUCK FUCK! FUCKING LINE!'

I don't have it in me to just say 'line,' it has to be 'FUCKING LINE!'

Reminded me of this. ... ...LINE!

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