Thursday, February 16, 2012

on political suicide...

...and the dwindling of numbers.

Here are some thoughts that occurred to me today, in light of all the posts and concern over the (white, male, Santorumesque) efforts to impose new restrictions on women's healthcare that have recently unfolded.

Republicans just can’t help themselves. Their desire for exclusivity and to turn back the clock to, say, 1850 has gotten to the point where it would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad...

Strike that. It is hilarious.

Let's look at their efforts to reach out.

So they long ago alienated African-Americans, fighting at every turn as they did against any implementation of civil rights laws, and further, seeking to roll back what rights have been won by imposing new poll taxes and onerous voter ID laws designed to keep out the great unwashed on election day.

In Arizona, Alabama and now Georgia we’ve watched as what miniscule gains they made with Latino voters were erased in the slow-motion political and economic train wreck that is those states’ anti-immigration laws.

They’ve stood firmly with the one percenters, fighting tooth and nail against even gelded, toothless financial reforms, shrieking about government takeovers when people made the mild suggestion that the very rich--who have done so well under our system, and who the rest of us have very kindly declined to rob and murder--might like to pay a few percentage points more in taxes rather than see the country they supposedly love descend into a bloody, crumbling hellscape.

Gay rights--well. ‘Nuff said.

And now they’re doing their damnedest to alienate the 50.1 percent of the population who regularly visit a gynecologist--along with the unknown percent of the rest of the population who think women might have more to offer the world than to become the human version of factory-farm sows, lolling on their sides in a cage, spitting out child after child under the watchful eye of male supervision.

Jesus Christ! Keep up the good work, fellas!

Pass the popcorn--what we thought was the slow decline of the Republican Party may well turn out to be the end of the Republican Party in an apocalyptic firestorm--one of their favorite go-to visuals. And it might happen sooner than we think, if they continue to chase people out of their ever-shrinking ‘big tent.’

It occurs to me that if you support people who hate everyone, you're unlikely to have anyone support you.

Whoa. Zen for haters, man.

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