Tuesday, March 20, 2012

israeli/iranian love

This pretty well sums up the logic of the right-wing drumbeat to wage war on Iran, which sounds awfully familiar to anyone who hasn't swallowed the Kool-Aid since the last time these same people cried out to loose the dogs of war from the safety of their wingnut welfare offices.

But an interesting development on Facebook, ordinary citizens from both Israel and Iran have started a campaign of peace:

The love fest started after an Israeli couple made a Facebook page and blog Saturday, issuing an online call for peace. “Iranians, we will never bomb you country. We heart you,” posters uploaded to the sites read.

Hours later, the responses from Iranians started pouring in. In one, a woman from Iran uploaded a poster with the caption: “My Israeli friends, I don’t hate you, I don’t want war.”

Here's a link to the original FB page. Pretty amazing stuff, when ordinary citizens can tell each other directly that their leaders are warmongers and idiots who do not represent the majority.

Score one for the interwebz.

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