Sunday, January 5, 2014

No. Just, no.


Just when you thought adult Americans couldn't get any more cutesy-wutesy in our ongoing regression into childhood.

Introducing the Hoodsie, a hooded onesie for "adults." (note the quotation marks at the top of the video.)

How did I know these idiots would at some point be wearing one of those retarded animal hats?

If you wear one of these and you are over the age of twelve, please kill yourself.

I don't care how many hot models you feature sporting this terrible product, we all know that the people who will end up wearing them will be obese, unwashed Wal-Mart shoppers, like this lovely lady looking spiffy in her terry-cloth, bib-overall style onesie.

Hell, if they made one with a butt-flap, you'd never have to change clothes at all! 

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