Friday, November 14, 2008

kopi luwak

okay, now, i like coffee. a lot. i'm not even really human until i've had one or two or three espressos in the morning, and i dare not interact with other alleged humans before then. and i like good coffee. i have a grinder, and i don't even drink the brown water that passes for coffee most places; my regular coffee maker has gathered dust in a cabinet somewhere for years, as i only use my espresso maker.

however, this is just bizarre. 'kopi luwak' is a delicacy, a type of coffee made from beans that pass undigested through the systems of Indonesian cats called civets. the beans are gathered by hand, out of the poo that these cats leave behind, then roasted, ground, and made into coffee just as any other non-poo type of coffee would be.

some theorize that the cat's digestive enzymes break down proteins that give coffee it's bitter taste. and despite the fact that thousands of these cats were recently extirminated due to a SARS scare, people still pay between $120-$600 a pound for the rare beans.

so, not only are people drinking cat poo-coffee, they're drinking possible SARS-cat/cat-poo coffee.

let's face it, people are fucking weird.

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