Thursday, November 13, 2008

more lieberman

This is awesome. Thinkprogress has put together a comprehensive list of all that is wrong with Joe. via C&L.

some examples:

Said progressive candidates would cower to terrorism: In an interview with, Lieberman said, “I worry that whoever gets the Democratic nomination will have a hard time scampering back to assure people that they’re prepared to take on the Islamist extremists and [any] other nation that threatens our security.”

Linked Obama’s policies to socialism: “There are ways I suppose you can make an argument that there are some similarities between what Sen. Obama is talking about (‘spreading the wealth’) and classic, what used to be known as socialist theory…[but] I’m not going to use the name calling,” Lieberman said.

[An aside: this is one my favorite tricks, adding the 'i'm not going to call people names,' tag right after calling someone a name. Same concept as adding 'no disrespect' right after saying something completely disrespectful, and thinking it's then okay: 'Hey, man, your girlfriend is a fat whore who blows dockworkers and homeless guys. No disrespect.']

And this is one of the best. When it comes to running the committee he heads, and performing, you know, oversight, like the Senate is supposed to do, he's just not that into it:

Lieberman on oversight duties: “We don’t like investigating”: Responding to criticism of his committee’s record, Lieberman said, “We like to do legislation,” Lieberman said. “We don’t like investigating … just to see who is at fault.”

Write or call Senator Salazar, if you haven't already, and tell him why this douche must go.

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