Wednesday, November 12, 2008

lieberman must go

To all my Colorado brethren and sistren:

One of our Colorado senators, Ken Salazar, is one of a handful of senators trying to ensure that the turncoat weasel-rat Joe Lieberman gets to retain his powerful chairmanship of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

Now, in case you've forgotten, this is the same Joe Lieberman who spoke at the Republican Convention, spouting the same untruths as Fox Noise about Obama's record. This man is a rat of the worst kind, because now he is trying to make nice with the Dems in hopes of retaining his power. For a taste of what he's all about, watch this short video (1:41).

What can you do? Well, senators have to be elected. And they generally like to be re-elected. And when they sense the people who voted for them last time around might not be so eager next time, they get nervous, and sometimes respond. So take a moment, watch the short, short vid of Lieberman's ugly little dance, and then click this link to email Salazar's people and tell them what you think of his support of Lieberman.

We don't need him that badly.

Here's a sample letter for you to cut and paste to Senator Salazar:

dear senator:
while i celebrate the stunning victory for sanity and reality in last week's election, it is unconscionable that you would throw your weight behind a turncoat like joe lieberman in his naked quest to retain his own power. the man has no moral compass to speak of, at least as far as can be seen out here in the hinterlands, in that he was willing to support bush's war and mccain's run for president -- when the wind was blowing that way -- going so far as to speak at the republican convention.
i would hope that you and other democrats would find it in your own moral code to realize that even with a chairmanship, this man cannot be trusted. we don't need him that badly.
a colorado voter

UPDATE: forgot to link to the original article in which these senators were called out for their behind-the-scenes efforts to save Lieberman, here at Politico, an excellent site.

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