Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy festivus!

hey all. just got back from PA last night, so i'm kind of getting my feet under me again. meaning, my liver is way too clean right now and i need to poison it a bit more to get back to normal. :)
here's a documentary on the making of one of my favorite films of all time, terry gilliam's Brazil. i first saw it at the buckhead cinema and draft house in atlanta (why aren't there more movie theaters where you can order beer and nachos and shit? that is the coolest concept ever.)
anyway. me and my friends went to see this late night showing of brazil, all of us terribly under age, got plowed on cheap beer along with eating a handful of mescaline. i remember walking out of the theater into the 2 am downtown atlanta morning, seeing the construction cranes, the shitty, bland, packed together office buildings and mini-malls, and thinking, we are living terry gilliam's nightmare.
happy new year, everyone, and hope you have a good time tonight. :)


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