Sunday, December 7, 2008

prop 8 the musical - behind the scenes

I'm sure everyone has seen the "Proposition 8 - The Musical" hosted on Funny or Die (here it is, if not.)

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But i ran across this clip of some behind the scenes work as Marc Shaiman (who wrote "Hairspray" the musical among other things) gets actors like John C. Reilly, Jack Black, Maya Rudolph and Andy Richter into shape for the short film. Keith Olbermann did a short piece on the film, and if i remember correctly, Shaiman wrote the piece in a day, and they rehearsed and filmed it in another day. Pretty amazing stuff, and funny as hell. Enjoy.

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added bonus: my favorite John C. Reilly sketch from FOD: "Satisfaction Guaranteed." (definitely NSFW) Pepperbee's cares about customer satisfaction. No, they really, really care. :)

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