Thursday, June 25, 2009

Faux News at its finest

via C&L.
So among the ridiculousness of Mark Sanford's meltdown, we got this little number slipped in under the radar at Fox:

Look closely. It seems that Sanford not only went hiking along the Appalachian--I mean, for a drive along the coast of--I mean, for a 6-day incommunicado tryst with his girlfriend in south america.

Apparently he switched parties as well. See that capital D next to his name above? Well, it's not the first time Faux News has made such an 'innocent error.' From C&L:

"I think it's just automatic now. When a high-profile Republican gets into trouble, Fox News steps in to mislead their sheep viewers by labeling them as Democrats.

Here's a short list of Fox's chyron hackery:

John McCain - Democrat
Joe Lieberman - Democrat
Arlen Spector - Democrat (when he was still a Republican!)
Mark Foley - Democrat"

Go to their site for links to all the examples of Faux distancing itself from its own people when the chips are down.

Best line of the night, though, had to be Jon Stewart's:

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For those who can't wait for it: "So, you're just another politician with a conservative mind and a liberal penis."

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