Friday, June 19, 2009

happy friday

that dude's got massive pecs.

so, in addition to working on my novel (and a weird short story that recently came to me; i'll put some pages up here soon) i've also been trying to work out or run every day, with some success.

however i've found that motivation is often the hardest part; not motivation in terms of the overall picture--everyone wants to be in better shape. but the actual, on the street motivation is tough. let's face it: running sucks balls. it's the best exercise i've found to lose weight and stay in shape, but the truth is it is a miserable fucking endeavor.

until afterward. then it's great. :)

so in honor of those of us who are struggling to get in shape, here's a short vid from funny or die featuring the vinnie jones exercise program.

hope your friday is all that you'd hoped and more. praise odin.

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