Saturday, June 13, 2009

tattoo decisions...

Hi all. I've been lame about posting here for the usual reasons. I've been doing really well with my goals of running or lifting every day, and of course writing--strictly writing, not dicking around on the net--every day. what that means for me is generally (unlike today, but hell, it's saturday after all) i have to unplug the ethernet cable from my comp first thing, or at the very least, open Word and NOT open firefox at all.

i would love to see a study on how the human brain reacts to viewing/reading pages on the net as opposed to...well, anything else. For me, there's a passivity of thought that kicks in after a certain amount of time surfing, that sort of short-circuits the creative, writing part of my brain. I know of studies that say television does something similar, puts your brainwave pattern into a pseudo-fugue state, where you are no longer truly awake, nor asleep...

anyway. surfing today for a bit before diving in to dum dah dum:


and i came across this on cracked. It's a tattoo chart explaining what the location of your tattoos means. :)

really? damn it. i thought neck and face tattoos were kinda cool...
plus i thought that unicorn on my ankle made me a badass.

"Hi! are you guys hiring right now?"

read the whole article but they go on to point out a couple of key questions you should ask yourself before sitting down in that chair:

- Have I wanted this for more than five minutes?
- Am I, at this particular instant in sidereal time, drunk off my face?


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