Friday, June 11, 2010

o i rock so hard

i look just like this when i run.

just did a 5.2 mile run! i know, that's not very far for serious runners, but this is the furthest (farthest? i can never keep those straight) i've gone since my doctor-mandated 8-week layoff from running ended a few weeks ago. my lungs felt great and so did my legs. virtually zero knee pain, which makes me very very very happy. :)

sorry, the endorphin rush i get from running is so far and above anything i've ever achieved with biking or swimming that i am afraid i am a card-carrying, Kool-aid drinking official cult member. and when my health is fucked (like my knee was) to the point where i can't run i get very fucking cranky. so happy it seems to be improving.

check out if you want to know how far you actually go on your runs and bike rides. it's pretty cool.

actually this is probably more accurate.

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