Monday, September 27, 2010

angels in america

It's on, people, for real. We open 'Angels In America: Part 1 (Millennium Approaches)' at Vintage Theatre this weekend, and it looks like opening night is pretty much sold out. There should be some tickets left for Saturday night and Sunday afternoon if you hurry. (Details below.)

We open Part 2 (Perestroika) next Saturday, and run it in rep with Part 1 through November 7.

I'm playing Roy Cohn, lawyer, alleged criminal, homophobe, racist, and closeted homosexual, and thus far we're having a ton of fun. The cast is excellent (including Craig Bond and Haley Johnson, both of whom I worked with on 'A Streetcar Named Desire') and we are working with a great director (Bernie Cardell) who has really stuck to the truth of playwright Tony Kushner's vision.

Some of you might remember I was in a production of this show in 2003, when I played Louis, the angsty, troubled law clerk. Well, this is a very different role, and in some ways a lot more fun. Roy was a real guy, but he was a unique, larger-than-life man with a huge ego and, as some friends of his told biographer Nicholas Von Hoffman, a complete inability to be embarassed. If the piece has a villian (aside from AIDS and the Reagan administration's shameful lack of a response to the crisis) then it is surely Roy.

The show is really coming together and I think this has the potential to be huge. If you're going to be in town, reserve seats soon, because once this thing starts rolling, I have a feeling tickets are going to be scarce. Ordering tix online saves you big $ (I think it's $15 online as opposed to $23 at the door) so do it that way if you can.

Hope to see you there!


Angels in America

by Tony Kushner

Directed by Bernie Cardell

A Masterpiece of Modern Drama

Angels in America is at once a love story, a comedy, and a sweeping epic of a play that follows two couples. Louis Ironson is a homosexual living with his AIDS-stricken lover, Prior Walter. Joe Pitt is a Republican law clerk living with his Valium-addicted, agoraphobic wife, Harper

Winner of the Tony Award and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, Angels in America explores our desire and fear of change, identity, and intimacy against the backdrop of the AIDS crisis and Regan-era New York City.

Craig Bond - Prior Walter
Kurt Brighton – Roy Cohn
Michelle Grimes - Hannah Pitt
Haley Johnson - Harper Pitt
James O’Hagan-Murphy – Joe Pitt
Tyrell Rae – Belize
Andrew Uhlenhopp – Louis Ironson
Crystal Verdon - Angel
Experience your humanity…the Angel is coming!

Special Event: Dinner with the director, Bernie Cardell
Join Vintage Theatre on Saturday, October 16 for Part I @ 2:30, dinner @ Harry’s (next door to theatre) with Bernie Cardell, and then come back over to Vintage for Part II. Tickets are $60 each – seating limited to 30.

Vintage Theatre presents

“Angels in America"

October 1 – November 7

Part 1: Millennium Approaches

Fridays @ 7:30 p.m. and Saturdays @ 2:30 p.m.
In Repertory with
Part 2: Perestroika (beginning October 9)

Saturdays @ 7:30 p.m. and Sundays @ 2:30 p.m.

Tickets are $23 at the door, $18 in advance

$15 when Parts I & II are purchased together.
303-839-1361 or online at

Vintage Theatre, 2119 E 17th Ave in Denver.


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