Saturday, September 4, 2010

uh, i'll just have a beer, thanks

An unusual flight of whiskeys


From the ‘Gee, I sure wish they hadn’t thought of that’ file. Here’s a guy who distills whiskey from the urine of diabetics. Yes, you read that right.

Because sufferers of type 2 diabetes have a very high concentration of sugar in their urine, James Gilpin realized it would be possible to distill whiskey from it, sugar being the essential ingredient for making spirits.

Gilpin is apparently a student in something called design interactions (some of his other projects sound interesting too) so I doubt that this project is meant to be terribly commercial. It’s probably more of a statement on consumption in wealthy western societies, resource management and waste.

God, not to mention sugar. How much frickin’ sugar to you have to ingest--and, obviously, not process properly--in order to leave a ‘scale build-up’ in the toilet bowl?

At least the result is delicious, delicious whiskey. Made from the tears of birthday cakes.

I’m also gonna pass on that Big Gulp and king size Snicker’s bar, I think.

It's all right, I guess. But it does have a bit of a whang to it...

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