Tuesday, February 24, 2009

daddy party? mommy party?

See, I just love running across stuff like this. We are told every election cycle about the republitards being the ‘Daddy’ party (“Get outta that bathroom! And quit stealing my porn!”)

That would make dems the ‘Mommy’ party (“Oh, did hims fall down, go boom? Have a cookie, sweetie. And an unemployment check.”)

In other words, this theory goes, repubs are better at defense, fiscal responsibility, and rule of law--tough guy stuff--while dems wish to coddle criminals, pat the unemployable on the head, and generally make everyone happy, holding hands and singing Kum-Bay-Yah while pissing away trillions of dollars on forced abortions and medical marijuana for illegal aliens.

A funny thing happened on the way to fiscal responsibility, though. Have a look at this graph, representing national debt as a percent of gross domestic product. (I found this on C&L but it originates, I think, here.)

Gosh, and golly, who are the responsible ones again? The ones who have to step in and make tough, grown-up decisions instead of throwing hissy fits, in order to turn the country’s economy around--for everyone, not just Wall Street greedy dickwads.

Erm, I mean, 'bankers.'

And even more hilarious, if it weren’t so sad, is politicians suddenly finding their sense of fiscal restraint, now that Obama is in charge. Where were these guys when Bush was pissing away our projected 5 trillion dollar surplus? Oh yeah, they were rolling in dough that was being thrown at them from guys like this.

Well, they rediscovered fiscal responsibility. Now if only they could discover shame.

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