Sunday, February 15, 2009

white trash, from the old country

Okay, so we've all experienced some form of prejudicial behavior when it comes to those pompous, frail little creatures we call The English, right? They love to look down on our common, tacky ways, our speech (do they even speak ENGLISH? I can't even tell what the hell they're even SAYING half the time through those god-awful teeth...) and etc.

exhibit A for Arsehole

They like to claim that everything good about western civilization was invented by them (forgetting conveniently that before the Romans colonized their sodden, nasty little island, they were running around in fur skins, sacrificing humans to make the sun come back out, and beating on each other with clubs).

Well, we have finally found some proof. While it has long been commonly understood that White Trash was invented by us Yanks, today's Daily Mail proves the English were there first.

Certainly everyone by now has heard about the 13-year-old who fathered a child with his 15-year-old girlfriend. Well, now it turns out that she may have been sleeping with at least two other guys who may be the kid's father.

Welcome to south Georgia, y'all!!!

Now the grandparents are fighting over who should get to make money off of this delightfully fucked up family situation.

Oh, and the icing on this delicious cake of trashiness? here's the 13-year-old kid's mom.

dear god, woman, use some moisturizer


Holy crap.

Anyhow, next time some doughy little British fruit opens his horrific maw to expose you to his lack of dental work and snotty attitude, just remind him who invented slutty, dirtbag white trash.

Just think of it: without the English, we wouldn't have Jerry Springer, Dateline, or perhaps even Rock of Love.

Thank you, England. Now piss off, ya gobshite.

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