Thursday, February 26, 2009

passive-aggressive < aggressive-aggressive

Stop me if you've heard this one before (via fark). A Colorado Springs woman goes into a store, where the store owner has a sign up warning patrons: "Sorry, we are not a daycare center. Please control your children."

So the woman has a mature, level-headed discussion of why she finds the sign offensive.

Just kidding. The woman proceeds to throw stuff around the store until the owner tasers her in order to get her to calm down, resulting in charges against both of them.

Of course, it's incredibly surprising that such ridiculous, immature behavior would occur in Da Springs, the home of all those loverly fundamentalists who believe in a giant man in the sky who chooses which football team is going to win, hates gays, and thinks you're dirty if you touch your weenis.

The weenis he gave you, no less.

And, please, oh, please keep popping out babies so that you can teach them how to behave in a society of human beings. You're lovely people. Thank you.

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