Saturday, August 21, 2010

HST interviews Keif

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Wow. The awesomeness with this one is strong.

Wayne Ewing, the gentleman who shot many Hunter Thompson interviews and other films tells the story of the night Keith Richards visited Woody Creek:

At 4am we stopped shooting, and I urged the crew from Denver to wrap as quickly as possible. Rather than splitting asap as you expect, Keith hung around while we wrapped, sitting on the couch in the kitchen, not wanting to leave the inner sanctum of Gonzo quite yet. Hunter clearly wanted to get the Denver crew out so he could have more private time with Keith, who by now had fallen asleep on the couch, looking exactly like the famous 1972 Annie Leibovitz shot of him splayed out in a chair. As the crew endlessly wrapped cables, an unconscious Keith began to slide off the couch onto the floor.

There actually is about ten minutes of footage here that is reasonably intelligible, with Hunter continually interrupting Keith (he's jabbering away at four in the morning for some reason, haha) asking him about Altamont, etc. Well worth a look for die-hard HST fans, for sure.

As well as Rolling Stones fans. Was Keith Richards ever young?

Also worth a look is Ewing's site, Hunter Thompson Films. Lots of footage from the King Hell Weirdo himself.

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