Thursday, August 26, 2010

Turn Off Fox

The gym that I go to is one of the older, more established gyms in the area. Which is great in terms of peacefulness when working out: you don't have to compete with the peacock type of gym-goer, the ones who are strictly there to scope the opposite sex, and you don't have nearly as much of the meathead factor.

Anyway, the downside is the tv in the locker room is almost always turned to Fox News by someone at some point. It used to drive me crazy; now I just laugh out loud whenever I hear a ridiculous lie spew out of that craphole, and I make snide comments on it. This is fun in two ways: you can either find like-minded people (the majority) or discover which ones are devotees of the O'Reilly/Beck Kool-Aid.

But here's an idea whose time has come: Turn Off Fox. It's about time we noticed that Fox is predatory, in that it relies on stoking fear and insecurity and hatred amongst citizens of the United States, and that this divisiveness is poison to our nation. The campaign seeks to report businesses that play Fox, as well as those who refuse to.

Plus, if you sign up, you can get a free Stop Fox sticker!

Go now, spread the word. As stories like this become more prevalent, we should put the blame for inciting these lunatics squarely it belongs. Crazy people are going to do crazy shit, but you can't shriek "Fire!" at the top of your lungs 24 hours a day for nearly two years and expect to walk away blameless when the mob reacts.

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