Friday, November 12, 2010

angels notes II

Here's another section of notes 'From the Desk of Roy Cohn' (fictional; patent pending) from our recent production of Angels in America. (Here's the first one.)

I like this piece because it most directly addresses what's going on on the stage below where I was.

Here's the scan. Translation from Kurt-ese to English follows.

“I’m going to die.”

(Who can accept death?)
(The animal won’t allow it.)
(The Machine insists on running.)

“I’m going to die.” This is such a brave and unheard sentiment. We run our lives based on the notion that we will never die, that the world would stop spinning should it suddenly find itself deprived of our glorious presence. And of course, it’s fear of the unknown that drives this denial. It is what all religion is based on: ignorance of what comes after, and the fear of the masses who are told that someone does know.

The moment of acceptance--pre-deathbed acceptance of the fact of death, of the fact that we simply do not go on and on in this world or any other, that is the moment we become free.

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