Monday, November 15, 2010

when giant chipmunks roamed the earth

FINALLY! Photographic evidence that ewoks are real! And not only did they live on Endor, they live right here on Earth!!

Or at least they did. As you can see here, they were likely killed off by a species of giant chipmunks that no doubt wiped out the ewoks by cramming them into their mouths along with tasty, tasty almonds. Here we see a male ewok about to plunge a spear into the thick hide of a giant chipmunk, in defense of his mate, who is clearly shrieking in terror as the chipmunk has stuffed her into his cheek pouch. Look at the cool, almost sinister expression the chipmunk wears. Thank goodness the giant chipmunk died out long ago. But so sad the ewoks went too.

When will they ever learn? Damn you giant chipmunks!!! Damn you all to hell!!!


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