Friday, May 6, 2011

bring out the simps

These are amazing and hilarious and mind-bending all at once. Someone named Jesse Jordan who runs a blog called coffee and cookies has put up several more of these drawings of well-known Simpsons characters doing some nasty Tarantino-esque activities.

Oh my.

Now, I don't know about this. LuAnn as Mia Wallace? My perpetual Uma-boner just wilted a little.

Of course it would have to be Milhouse playing the hapless Marvin. Christ, their names even sound similar.

via all over the place right now, but prolly via via one of these. Go to Jesse's blog for many more.

No word on whether Matt Groening's lawyers are lining up a series of cease and desist letters. FYI: did you know that the blue-haired lawyer with the nasally New York accent seen below was loosely based on Roy Cohn?

The more you know...

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