Wednesday, May 18, 2011

feel the rainbow

Feel the rainbow, Newt. 

This is footage of Newt Gingrich and his (third) wife Callista at a 'pro-family' (read: anti-gay) gathering for the Minnesota Family Council, a group pushing for a gay marriage ban. While the couple signs books, an activist dumped a Cheez-It box full of glitter on them, telling them to 'Feel the rainbow! Stop the hate!'

I love how these people talk about strengthening families and protecting marriage, yet they pay a celebri-douche like the twice-divorced Gingrich to be a spokesperson. He's the class act who pressed his first wife for divorce while she was recovering from surgery.  He also reportedly said about her that '...she wasn't young or pretty enough to be the president's wife.' And he proposed to his second wife Marianne before he'd even asked the first one for a divorce.

Family values indeed. Maybe the glitter will open the man's eyes to how horrible and utterly unfabulous he truly is.

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