Thursday, May 19, 2011

that sounds like a lot more fun

This group has the right idea. Far from fearing the Rapture (which is imminent) they suggest that we all celebrate our coming freedom from right-wing hardcore Christian crazies by...well, by coming.

Not only are they saying what should have been obvious to all of us sinners who will no doubt be left behind--namely that

After the Rapture, America is going to be awesome! Universal health-care, gay marriage, easy access to birth control, a progressive tax code and strong environmental regulations...
but also that preparing for such a momentous event we should have a bit of a party. Why not?

So join the Pre-Rapture Orgy (location: the streets of America, baby). Let's give those who will be spirited away up to heaven something to look at on their way up.

Sign up now--slots are still available! :D

Here is an image of The Rapture. It looks pretty safe from here. Kinda cute, actually. I guess all those souls live inside the bottle now.

This is a picture of a rapture flying, according to a web search. Silly interwebz--of course that's not a rapture.

This is a rapture.

Here's a picture of the American political landscape before the Rapture.

Here's the American political landscape after the Rapture.

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