Monday, April 16, 2012

god is...good?

Seems to me that if God were really good (or real) he/she/it would have see that these people got enough of an education to know what carbon monoxide is and how it works.

via lamebook


Paxscientia said...

What, you don't remember Ephesians 5:18? "Thou shalt not set flame to the mesquite, to the charcoal, to the natural gas, nor the propane, nor to any thing that burneth, unless thou set the flame in an area with proper ventilation."


wasabius said...

wait--there IS science in the bible! i KNEW it had to be there because it's god's word! :D (aside from the prohibitions on shellfish and what to do with women when they've got those monthly issue with their lady-parts. because that's scientifical as hell.)
thanks for reading!