Thursday, April 26, 2012

McDonald's, immortalized

Okay, fast food-eaters. This should give you pause--I was about to say this should give you 'food for thought,' but after you see this you probably won't be hungry.

This artist, Ben Campbell has put together a show that touches on ancient Egyptian desire for immortality (through mummification and other rituals) and modern society, especially McDonald's. His reasoning is that ancient Egyptians tried to achieve immortality through building monuments to themselves like pyramids and through mummification, and in modern society we try to achieve immortality through constructing corporations and through celebrity status. Also:

3. McDonald's is highly representative of American culture, even iconic.
4. McDonald's food doesn't decompose if left to dry out. Seriously, just google it. As such archaeologists from the future will be digging this stuff up thousands of years in the future. Especially if something cataclysmic happens to our society.
So, what Campbell has done is construct displays including one featuring a McDonald's hamburger that is over a year old, and this, a mummy constructed entirely of McDonald's food.

Combining the  burgers with resin, Campbell has created sculptures that should last forever, as McDonald's uses so many preservatives in their food the sculptures won't decompose, at least not anytime soon.

And you're telling me you still eat this shit? On top of the 'pink slime' brouhaha a few weeks ago? Even more disturbing to me are people who still allow their children to eat this shit.

What, your six year old argued with you about where to eat dinner? He threw a tantrum when you wouldn't let him have McDonald's? Oh you poor thing. How could you possibly deal with that?

Would you let him play with a gun if he threw a tantrum? Or drive a car? You're SUPPOSED to make the hard decisions for your child because he's an idiot. But he's supposed to be an idiot, you're supposed to not be, if not for your own sake, then at least for his.

But if you feed your children McDonald's or any other fast food, I might be more likely to trust your kid's decisions behind the wheel than yours, because you are a moron.

At least when I was a kid, we didn't know any better. My parents still had an inkling that  McDonald's wasn't really good for you, or even really FOOD, and they limited the amount we could eat. But today, with information like this everywhere at everyone's fingertips, it is unconscionable that we still allow these places to do business and to market to kids, thus setting up their little addicts for life, much as cigarette companies try to do.

There's no way around it except pure denial: Adults who eat this garbage are just stupid; adults who feed it to children are stupid and neglectful.

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