Friday, May 8, 2009


Here's a fun, yet pointed little cartoon pointing out the absurdity of the offhand judgments that are rendered against atheists. (via videosift)


As Richard Dawkins said, 'You're an atheist too. I've just taken it one god further.'

Indeed, it's interesting to think that monotheists describe it as a smug given of progress that over the centuries, we've whittled down the number of gods. From animists who believed in gods inhabiting every rock and rabbit and tree, to the polytheists worshiping their gods of thunder and of the seas, to theists it is an example of 'progress' that we are left with our Big Three with their unitary gods (or in the case of Christianity, its strange and contradictory belief in one god who also is his own son as well as a ghost of some sort, not to mention the virgin human mother of said son who rose physically to heaven upon her death, a decidedly god-like accomplishment.)

If only we could take this winnowing of gods down one more...


Makarios said...

We're all atheists. I just stop at one God less than you. In fact, and as ironic as it may be, I stop at the God whose existence science is pointing to more clearly practically by the day.

Makarios said...