Thursday, May 14, 2009


Hey all--
Just an update. I'm going through one of my periodic 'spring cleanings' of the mind and body. Thus I've been working very hard at forcing myself to concentrate on my novel-in-progress instead of dinking around on the web.

a) I hate saying things like 'I'm working on my novel,' because it sounds so utterly pretentious. I can't even say that phrase in my head without employing a snotty, milquetoast, WASP-ish voice.
b) It is amazing how easy it is to avoid work when one has the ethernet cable plugged in. lol. The whole world is just a click away!!! :)

To be perfectly honest, I think I have ADD. But if I work at it, I can translate that lack of focus into working on different pieces when one thing becomes boring to me. Hence all the ranting lately instead of working on my novel. (I feel like my name should be Chad or Chase or Tad when I say that phrase. Muffy, be a dear and freshen my cocktail, would you? Mumsy is off playing tennis with Nigel...)

So I have been neglectful of posting in this space. Thanks to everyone who has commented on my recent religious rants, etc.

And to those of you who keep coming back looking for new posts, your dewy eyes full of shining hope, your hands aflutter in anticipation, your hearts fairly skittering at the thought of a new mandroppings post--only to find that I've disappointed you once again, I will try harder. :)

Religion Rant III coming up, later tonight or tomorrow.

Peace, and here's some philosophical food for thought. Which cat are you today? :)

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