Monday, May 4, 2009

so stupid...

...yet so funny.

I love scrolling back through my previous posts. The wild variety of what I put up here is either an indication of the insane schizophrenia from which I apparently suffer, or the fact that I clearly have ADD.

The other thing I learn from looking at my own posts is how much energy I had on any given day, lol. The long, crazy rants obviously show me at my best, my least hung over, my most thoughtful.

Conversely, posts like this show me on days when I am in a great deal of (self-inflicted) pain, and can do little more than helplessly surf around on the net in a near-coma and whimper quietly to myself. (I played open mike last night at Lucky Joe's, and apparently took it upon myself to rid the entire city of any and all bourbon that was laying around, tempting people. I am a savior.)

Anyway, for your amusement.


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