Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The proof is in

God exists. In salami. Via fark:

'A South Florida woman said she was cooking fried salami when she noticed the word "GOD" on the meat, Miami television station WFOR reported.

Nancy Simoes said she had three pieces in a skillet and flipped one of them and saw the letter G.

"Then got the O and I thought to myself how cool will it be if the third letter was a D."

Simoes realizes people may think she's crazy.

"I can't make this up. ... it's there in the burn marks."

For 20 years, her family has enjoyed fried salami for breakfast.

Now Simoes is wondering how she will preserve the "holy" salami.'

Might I suggest she eat it? Transubstantiation at its most meaty.

Only in Florida.

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