Monday, March 23, 2009

And the Winner Is...over

l to r: David Harms, my big head, Andy Anderson hiding behind my big head, Hannah Marie Hines, Luke Terry, and Missy Moore.

So my most recent show, 'And the Winner Is...' just ended yesterday. I am still in the denial stage of grief, I think. It usually takes me a few days to fully realize that the thing we created, this wonderful, unique beast of a theatre show, with its pre-ordained lifespan, is now gone. There is some sadness already, but at this point it still seems unreal.

We devote so much of ourselves to these things -- not to get all pretentious on you -- but it really does take a huge chunk out of yourself to realistically and believably play someone else on stage. The relationships you forge with your fellow actors are fun and weird at the same time: you have a stage relationship with their character, and you have a backstage relationship with the actual person which is often very different. So it's all a little schizophrenic, lol.

now you can see Andy, but he decided to blink. and where's my neck? how can you have a fucking head if you have no fucking neck? i look like dick cheney.

But this cast in particular has been amazing. There were six of us in this show, and every one of my castmates is someone i would look forward to hanging out with backstage, onstage, and at the bar afterward. :) Of the shows I've done, it is rare if not impossible to find an ENTIRE cast made up of really cool, really down to earth people, none of whom are crazy, or neurotic, or diva-like, or just plain assholes that you can't wait to get away from. There's always one...

(sidebar: Hmmm. If it's true that there's always one asshole in a cast, and if it's true that I can't identify who it is in the cast of this show...then does that mean it's me?? :) Hope not.)

At any rate, thanks to the cast and to Craig Bond our director, and to Vintage Theatre. And to those of you who made it to the show, hope you enjoyed yourselves, because we certainly did.

To anyone who didn't make it the show, you can suck it. :)

j/k. I love everyone.

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