Thursday, March 19, 2009

interview with the douchebag

Last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart eviscerated Dick Cheney's recent whirlwind rehabilitation tour in a way that no mainstream media outlet has dared. For eight years this guy was the brains behind the talking dummy our fellow Americans elected (sort of) TWICE. In the process Cheney managed to leave behind a veritable scorched-earth buffet of horrific consequences for other people to clean up, all while profiting handsomely.

Here's Stewart taking the interview apart piece by piece:

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Their tax cuts and relentless deregulation (read: tilting the playing field in favor of the wealthy) destroyed the economy, their ad hoc foreign policy left the world hating us, not to mention leaving the military depleted and demoralized (should an actual threat come along, there's no one left to call up), they left a great American city to drown, they eviscerated the Constitution, taking us closer to the brink of dictatorship than we ever knew--the hits just keep coming.

These great Americans--you know, the ones who wear flag pins on their lapels and tell people they ought to keep their mouths shut when they have questions, and compare reasoned dissent to treason--these guys very nearly destroyed this country in so many different ways it boggles the mind to imagine how we might crawl out of this hole.

And to watch John King of CNN, one of the main media gatekeepers and a supposed source of political news slobber all over Cheney's knob on national television is disgusting. It's worse than disgusting: it's offensive, and borders on malpractice. To call this news, to call this an interview, to allege with a straight face to the American people there is actual information coming out of Dick Cheney's mouth that might in some universe be considered truth, when King knows as well as you and I know that it is utter nonsense is what ought to be considered treason. This man needs to be held accountable for the violence he has done to our great nation, and when you allow him on a nationally-aired television show and give him leave to promulgate his lies, you are aiding and abetting him in his crimes.

When it takes a comedian to ask the questions that the mainstream is avoiding, something is very wrong with the mainstream.

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