Monday, March 9, 2009 all its glory

Hiya. If you're reading this, then thanks. That means that you have been keeping up with me. Despite the clear evidence that I have not been keeping up with you--meaning I have not been blogging as regularly as i should be.

Frankly, i even hate the word 'blogging.' A verb?? Really? Are we that far gone as a species, that something like this compels us to put a new word on it??

Blogging. An action one undertakes? Something one does that informs the rest of the world, that contributes in some way to the state of our being as humans?

No. this entire enterprise is one born of self-adulation, self-fascination, and a desire for approval and fulfillment through the eyes of others happening upon your silly little thoughts that you smear up onto the web, as if you were a Wordsworth of the 2000s with the attention span of a rhesus monkey, as if you were a brilliant and incisive purveyor of all that is interesting and of note to your fellow human beings.


And so, while it easy to concomitantly deride that which i am doing even while i do it, in order to maintain an ironic distance from it, and while i am happy with the pieces of my brain that i share with you here, i cannot help but be somewhat aloof, somewhat deliberately above it all, when it comes to the things i type out here.

Jesus. What an ass. What an arrogant prick. Me, that is.

At any rate, if you are still interested, here's what's been going on with me: had a bunch of shows this weekend, and it is going well. We have an awesome and cohesive cast that makes what could easily be a silly and light play resonate with audiences (i like to think), and it has been absolutely a blast to work with this cast, both on stage and after the shows. Many thanks to all who have made the journey down to scary old Denver to see And the Winner Is. I hope it was worth your trip.

Here, though, are some recent things i have discovered: hipsters are naturally self-defeating. If your entire stance, all that you 'believe in' is based entirely upon not being impressed by anything, well, then, guess what? Nothing is ever going to impress you. You have taken yourself completely out of the running for experiencing anything good, or new, or neat. It has all been done, yes, of course, but without open eyes, the things that have already been done seem even more tired to you, simply because you fail to take the imagination necessary to even try to experience anything in a new way.

And another thing...

Oh, shit. I forget. I'm doing a film with some really cool people later this week, and it has motivated me to finally follow through with some of my own short scripts. At any rate...
Falling out now. Here's a taste, and i hope to see you all soon.

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