Thursday, March 26, 2009

bad boys, bad boys

Okay. So here's a story for all my friends who wonder how i can be such a caveman and NOT EVEN HAVE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT.

Seems an Indiana cop posted a bunch of ridiculous shite on his facebook profile, including the above pics of him, as he described it, drinking a lot of beer and horsing around with friends. Yes, that is a .357 he has pointed at his buddy's head. He also demonstrated that true 'protect and serve' attitude:

'On February 19, while state records indicate Pestow was working his overnight shift, the Trooper's Facebook site shows this entry at 3:22 a.m.: "It's cold AND snowing?!?! I can't possibly work in these conditions."'

Aw. Poor baby. I guess in Indiana the criminals stay inside when the weather is bad. He also showed a healthy attitude -- especially in a police officer, a state trooper no less -- towards the homeless:

'Pestow also weighed in on the issue of people who resist arrest and threaten police officers. Referring to an incident in California in which Fresno Police officers punched a homeless man during his arrest, Pestow wrote: "Let someone, homeless or not, try and stab me with a pen, knife, spoon, etc, not only will he fail, he'll probably end up shot. These people should have died when they were young anyway, i'm just doing them a favor." [sic]'

And the thing about facebook is, knowing myself as I purport to, I just know I'd upload some incriminating shite that would get me in trouble. Hell, I could lose my endorsement deals like Michael Phelps. And that would be tragic. :)

This is another via fark story. I guess I'm feeling a bit lazy today with the snow and all. At least I have beer and weed.

Shit! See?? There goes that endorsement.

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