Saturday, September 5, 2009

CU Buffs - we're number 10!!

Barnett liked to keep the QBs close. Real close.

Ha! GQ published its first-ever (but hopefully not last) list of America's 25 douchiest colleges and universities. I was a bit disappointed that Penn State only got honorable mention behind Ohio State in the excessive school spirit category (we're ALWAYS losing to those guys!!)

But I felt a tiny, gold and black tear welling up in my eye when I saw that my alma mater, good ole Ski U was listed at number 10. We're number 10! We're number...uh, what where we talking about, dude? Pass the bong.

Here's a snippet:

Home of: The Kind-Bud Douche
Affectations: Prius; $400 Telemark skis you're not sure what to do with; bong made from recycled Nalgene bottles; white-guy dreads.

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