Monday, September 14, 2009

fox news: infromative

Found these on yesbutnobutyes, and just had to have them, don't you know.
For once, I have to agree with one of these sign-holders. Thank you indeed for this, Fox News. We can count on you to keep these people as infromed as ever.

I've been on a few dates where it became immediately apparent that there was to be no pubic option that night, whether I was the single payer or not.

And then there is the kinghell badass to beat all badasses of signage. He cannot spell, he lost the thread of whatever it was he was trying to say about halfway through this magnum opus, and he looks like he might be on a sex offender registry somewhere.

Dig his crazy vibe, ladies, and his crazier grin. He's ready for some teabaggin'.

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